6A Presentations

created in Computer Class for English


GAIA by Kendall Amon

NIKE by Michael Lira

EREBOS by Hannah Maltzan

TRITAN by Olivia Raff

NIKE by Holden Groff

ATALANTA by Wallis Herzog

ARES-MARS by Alec Sahakian

HERMES by Katherine Tighe

POSEIDON by Kate Weissmuller

HERACLES by Kimberly Cheng

BELLERPHON by Perry Hotchkis

EROS by Sarah Johnson

HELIOS by Alexander Maletis

PERSEPHONE by Faith Doney

POSEIDON by J.P. Hatch

ARTEMIS by Kristen Mascarenhas

ASCLEPIUS by Matthew Richmond

Alex Bistange

APHRODITE by Breanna Ryan

These presentations were developed by the 6th graders who were learning how to create a background theme, set up a slide master, add graphics, animations and sound to slides, and to add timings and transitions.

To play a show, select the title and open in Powerpoint. You may need to double-click the downloaded file to open it. Choose Slide Show > View Show. Some students were able to make their shows automatic but you may need to press the space bar or the mouse to advance to the next slide. Enjoy!