Google Earth Tour

1. Now that you've finished your treasure map you will make an answer key via tour in Google Earth.

a. Write a script using your five clues and the answers to the locations

-For the script you will read each clue and the answer to that clue (ie. "The missing iPad was last seen in the country with the same name as a Thanksgiving food. You should should have answered Turkey")

b. Open Google Earth and have only the following layers checked (borders and labels and terrain)

c. Click on the camera icon and that opens up a window to record (red dot records screen/mouse, blue records voice)

d. When ready click on both the red dot and blue microphone to record

e. Begin reading your script out loud (your clues) and type in the location (the answer to the clues) as you narrate

f. Do this for each of the five clues (do NOT go over 2 minutes or the voice will not record)

g. Save to My PLACES and also SAVE PLACE AS and choose your own folder