Regional Cheese Project
A WebQuest for 7th and 8th Grade French

Designed by

Jameson P. Hill



You and your team members are going to introduce your school and your families to the world of French cheeses by doing online research and then using the information you gather to create a detailed report that includes regions, types, and attributes.

The Task         

During your quest you will learn a little about French culture and the cheese-making process. As you may know, the French are very proud of their culture and very proud of their products; in particular, their many cheeses. It is said that in France there is a different cheese for every day of the year. France exports a wide variety of these cheeses to the United States so that we may enjoy them as well.

The varieties include:  Abbaye de Belloc, Abondance, Beaufort, BlanCreme, Bleu d'Auvergne, Brebicet, Brebiou, Camembert, Cantadou, Cantal, Chevre d'Argental, Chevrotin, Comte, Cremoulin, Emmental, Fleur de Maquis, Florette, Fol Epi, Fourme d'Ambert, Gaperon, Laguiole, Livarot, Madrigal, Mimolette, Mont Roc, Neufchatel, Ossau Iraty, Reblochon, Roquefort, Tourmalet, and Valencay.

The Process      First, you will be divided into teams of 3 researchers.
  1. Each team will answer the following questions:
Pick 2 cheeses from each category (cow's milk/goat's milk/sheep's milk)
  1. Each team will answer the following questions based on the 6 cheeses they have chosen:
From the 6 cheeses you chose, each member of your team will pick one and find it at a local store/market in order to taste it and bring it in to share.


Bravo! You are now a certified cheese expert and can answer just about any question about how the different cheeses are made. You will impress friends and family with your knowledge, and you might even be able to suggest which type of cheese will go with that bottle of wine your parents are serving at their next dinner party (sorry, no wine tasting for you!).

You, yourself, may not like the particular cheese you tasted, but your opinion may help others to decide if it's the right cheese for them. I applaud you for your willingness to try new things, especially some of the more pungent cheeses. Don't let the smell decide for you. As they say in France, the smelliest cheeses often taste the best!